David McEldowney

Full Stack Software Engineer


Principal Software Engineer, Technical Co-founder
  • Architected and constructed the admin interface for a SaaS monolith system with Laravel Livewire, Zabbix, GoCD, and Hashicorp Vault
  • Researched and implemented API Clients for Hubspot, Linode, Stripe, and Shopify
  • Whipped up a POC web contest administration application in Laravel with Statamic CMS, deployed with Bitbucket Pipeline CI/CD to Linode servers
  • Communicated across the organization to coordinate development of Odeka's service delivery systems
Software Engineer, SaaS Platform
  • Implemented removal of Creator Search feature from platform
  • Worked on state machine logic used to streamline new user onboarding into the platform
  • Researched and delivered notes to assist in future development efforts regarding Shopify, Klaviyo, and Stripe
  • Performed interim team lead duties for three months while the permanent team lead required extended medical leave
  • Led refinement meetings via planning poker, performed code reviews, coordinated with QA, and daily standups
  • Managed feature flags in LaunchDarkly
  • Routinely met with Platform Architecture, Product, QA, and Design teams to coordinate future work
  • Performed maintenance on codebase by fixing bugs originating throughout the development teams in the organization
L2 Developer
  • DLC Portal
    • Designed the MongoDB and MySQL databases used throughout the development and implementation phases
    • Architected and implemented the back-end logic flows for the DLC portal from our web page, to Salsify, back to our web server and MongoDB instance using Laravel/PHP
    • Performed server design, setup, & maintenance and assisted in deploying the final product to a production server on AWS
  • Built an API wrapper for Salsify's API using Laravel and Test-Driven Development
Results Driven Marketing
Database Administrator, Software Developer
  • Worked with a small team to implement Shell's loyalty assignment program, which handles loyalty rewards for over 13,000 Shell gas stations across the country
  • Managed, optimized, and performed reporting on Royal Dutch Shell's customer databases


PHP, Laravel, Javascript, MySQL, MongoDB, Statamic, Livewire, ETL, Linode, DevOps, Unit Testing, ngrok, API integrations, API development, PHPUnit, Project Management, Python, Jira, Git, Bitbucket, Github, Object Oriented Software, HTML, CSS, Salsify, Zabbix, Scrum, Agile Development


Playing guitar, TTRPGs (Delta Green, Dungeons and Dragons), live music, horror movies, and the Pittsburgh Penguins


Kansas State University
BS, Engineering Technology